I’m the WORST Blogger!

I am just the absolute worst blogger. I keep forgetting to post!

BUT the good news is, I have been working out. I had a couple of busy weekends, but over the course of the last month since I posted, I have gone quite a lot. I had two weekends where I was out of town and I drank my weight and just enjoyed my time with my friends …. and I paid dearly at my next workout. I actually threw up halfway through the one workout.

Aside from that one incident, I’ve done pretty well. I have been battling a bad case of allergies and an awful sinus infection for the last 2 weeks, but I managed to work out twice last week and three times the week before.

There have been big changes for me with these workouts. I’m beginning to find which exercises I like a lot more than I thought I would. Like wallballs, I think I actually like these a whole lot. Originally, I hated them, but my coach moved me to a 10 pound ball, and while it did become easier, I think I’m enjoying the fact that I can actually throw this ball high enough. When I get stronger, I’ll go back to the 14 pound ball.

Cleans are killing me though. I don’t know what it is with this lift, but I cannot get my form right. Something about having to have my legs, arms, knees, shins, feet, and hips in right spots at the right time is just not clicking. I’m starting to get there, but it’s taking a lot of work.

I’m down a pants-size (well, kind of). I bought a pair of pants that I had before in a new color, and realized I needed the size down. I was slightly between sizes before, but the smaller size was just WAY TOO TIGHT. Now, I bought two pairs in that smaller size! I was under 2 months in and I needed new pants. AWESOME feeling.

I saw a good friend almost 3 weeks ago that I hadn’t seen in a while. I keep her up-to-date on my workouts and we complain about being out-of-shape and fat together a lot. She said that I looked “hella skinny”, and I think that’s good. Lol. She did mention a few times while we were drinking that she was shocked I ate the same way I did before, but the fact that I looked much thinner was a thing she’s never seen after someone worked out for such a short period of time. Yay!

Okay, so this week is “max-week”, and I’m actually excited to get to try all of these lifts and see what I should be doing each time I lift. And I’m especially excited to make sure I lift the right amount when they tell me a certain percent for a workout, instead of just guessing and hoping I’m lifting enough. Tonight we are doing “snatches” which I’m excited about mainly because I haven’t done these yet in my 2 1/2 months! Hopefully it’s something I catch on to well because it’s the beginning of the week, and I like starting the week off strong.

OH! Even more exciting than my workouts! I’m super excited and proud to announce that my 55 year old mother (she would KILL me if she saw I posted her age) started CrossFit recently! Last week she went to a free-101 week long class that my sister signed her up for (I think partially against her will), but she loves it. She’s been complaining about being out of shape, “fat” (even though she is NOT!), and other common complaints of a woman about her body, so I’m excited that she is finally doing something about it and taking her fitness into her own hands. She is going tonight to her very first “REAL” class with my sister, so I can’t wait to hear their reports on how she did. Krissy won’t be easy on her, but she will keep her going. Their gym had a special, if you did the 101-classes last week you could sign up for 3 months for some price between $250.00 and $300.00. I can’t remember off-hand, but it was a great special price. My mom was worried about wanting to spend that much, but my dad told her if she enjoyed it and wanted to keep going, he would pay for it and she wouldn’t have to worry or think twice about spending that money. I love that he’d do something like that for her, knowing how great she will feel about herself. Crazy to think that they’ll have been married for 32 years May 1st! I think it’s not to hard to see why they’ve managed to stick together for so long when you hear how sweet my dad was to encourage her to stick with this endeavor. She’s trying hard and I’m sure her confidence will sky-rocket from being proud of what she’s accomplishing to the weight she will lose! I’m excited to watch this transformation happen to someone who has always encouraged me to try my hardest at everything. It sounds like my mom is some BIG girl, but she’s not. She’s stayed relatively thin for someone who hasn’t worked out in so long, but she’s getting older and being healthier is definitely something she should try and do when aging. Obviously.

Like I said, I’m proud of my mom. She said she hasn’t worked out like this since she was a cheerleader in high school. So this is something fun for her to do, a way to get out of the house, a way to meet new people, and a way to get back into shape! WAY TO GO MOMMY! 

Ok, that’s enough to get you caught up. I plan to post at least once a week with my progress for the week, and I really plan to post a picture near April 26 (my 3-month “anniversary” from when I started) to show my progress so far, so I plan to work out a lot in the next 12 days! I’ll update you on my maxes by the end of the week!

Good luck to everyone with their upcoming workouts!


I’m Working Out TOO Often to Post Regularly!

Sorry I haven’t posted much this week. I’ve been exhausted from all of my workouts. Yes, that’s plural. This week I went Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday. I’ve had a heck of a week.

Work wasn’t crazy or anything this week, and it fit into my schedule to go all week, so I have gone as much as I could handle. It’s crazy!! The workouts this week weren’t easy, but I am still going. I’m still not quite sure I really “survived”. I think I actually died after day 3 and I went to hell, which is just CrossFit day after day. I’m only kidding, but the fact that I’ve gone for 5 days straight is something I didn’t think would happen for quite a while.

Since there are going to be 5 workout posts in one blog, I’m going to explain the layout of our class. We start with a skill/weightlifting session where we work for half the class, then we move on to the actual workout. Ok, on to the posts ….

10 minutes EMOTM of:
– 2 back squats @ 80% max
+ double-unders for the remainder of the minute.

followed by …

21-15-9 of:
– toes to bar
– thrusters @ 65% press max.

I hadn’t done toes to bar or thrusters yet, so these were both new. They weren’t fun, but they weren’t too bad either. It took me 10:46 (I believe, I am posting this on Thursday after all). I wasn’t thrilled with my time, but it wasn’t too bad. There were a few times I just could not lift the bar. There was also about 25-35 seconds where the coach had to get me a box to stand on because I couldn’t jump and hold on to the bar anymore after halfway through the second round. It was rough, but I managed to survive.

15 minutes of muscle-up progression.
(Basically, learning how to do muscle-ups by learning: false grips, false grip pull ups, ground assisted muscle-ups, band-assisted muscle-ups, and strict muscle-ups)

followed by …

12 minute AMRAP of:
– 12 burpees
– 12 ring dips
– 24 situps
+ 400 m run on the 0th, 4th, 8th, and 12th minutes.


I hate running. So the fact that I survived Tuesday AND went back on Wednesday (and Thursday!) says something. I pretty much embarrassed myself this day. Everyone said “oh, Kayla, you did such a great job! Way to go!” .. NO. They were being nice because that’s what you’re supposed to do. I hated the way I felt afterward. Everyone made it through at least one round, most got halfway through their second round, but I didn’t even finish my first round. I had 11 sit ups left to do when time was up, so after we got back in from the last run I laid down and did the last 11 sit ups. Again, I held myself accountable for finishing my workout (which completely shocked me). I think I was deprived of oxygen for too long on my run because I have no idea what got into me to do that. That’s NOT my style. Usually when time is up, time is up. I’m done! But Sunday and Tuesday, I continued the workout for some reason. It’s weird. 

We got home and my uncle said that I did a really great job, but I just didn’t feel like I did. I don’t know if I’m being hard on myself and not giving myself enough credit for running what was basically a mile, plus 12 burpees and 12 ring dips and 13 sit ups in 12 minutes, or if I’m right and I should be doing better.

I walked a portion of each run, but it was a short bit. I did move VERY SLOW, like a turtle could have possibly passed me, but there was never a point where I stopped moving all together. So I will be proud of that.


8 minutes EMOTM of:
-2 front squats @ 80% max
+ L-hangs for the rest of the minute.

followed by …

3 rounds for max reps of:
– 1 minute of box jumps (30″/24″)
– 1 minute of push-ups
– 1 minute of wallballs (20lbs/14lbs)
– 1 minute of double-unders (scale= tuck jumps)
– 1 minute of rest

Apparently 80% of my front squat max is not 55lbs, because I FLEW through the lifting portion without even trying or breaking a sweat. Which was awesome! I started with 45lbs and my coach said I made it look way to easy, so to add 5lbs to each side. Afterwards, he said that I definitely needed to take the weight up again next time because I “killed” it. He also said that they didn’t have me set a max yet, because I’m working hard and my body and muscles are changing so fast that the max wouldn’t last after a couple of weeks/months.

My aunt has a pinched nerve and hasn’t been able to work out for 2 weeks, but she went with me and I had her critiquing me and letting me know how I did and she said my L-hangs (while not exactly L-shaped JUST yet, my knees were just very bent toward my chest) were one of the best in the class I was in.

The workout was rough, and I still can’t count every rep I do in the workout, but I kept moving yesterday. I stopped to suck wind a couple of times, but I managed to survive. My coach switched me from a 14lb ball to a 10lb one, because I was really struggling on the wallballs.

x10 tabata rounds of:
– strict pull-ups

followed by …

“Nasty Girls”
3 rounds for time of:
– 50 air squats
– 7 muscle-ups (scale – 2 strict pull-ups + 2 strict ring dips)
– 10 hang power cleans @ 60% clean

I did really well on my pull ups, yeah I had a thick green band and two thin-ish red bands, but I did them. Over and over again. The trouble I had came on the workout. The air squats were harder than I expected, but the muscle-up scaling was what killed me. We did 2 pull-ups and 2 ring dips for each muscle-up. And, like all things CrossFit, we did things the hard way. We did 2 pull-ups, 2 ring rips, 2 pull-ups, 2 ring dips .. over and over until we did 7 rounds.

My time would have been much better if I didn’t have to keep climbing in and out of the damn bands. The amount of time I spent pulling them down, and climbing in and out of them was absurd.

The buzzer went off and I still had 1 full round of “muscle ups” and my 10 hang power cleans. I kept going. The coach said “time” and I said “I’m almost done!” and I kept going. My final time was 21:18. I was exhausted and stoked for the 20:00 minute marker, but I wanted to finish.

When I finished the coach and the rest of my class came over, high-fived me, and told me good job. This time, I appreciated them telling me good job, because I felt like I actually earned it this time. One of the guys in the weightlifting class stopped his workout and came over and asked me my name, high-fived me, and told me I did “a damn good job”. That felt amazing. He stopped what he was doing to tell me that.

So, that was my long week. It finished off strong. I’m headed back again today, so I’ll post that when I get a chance. Thanks for taking the time to read this long post. I appreciate it. (:

Sunday Funday. HA! WRONG.

The ONLY time it is ok to label something as “Sunday Funday” is if there is shopping or alcohol involved.

If exercising and doing crazy workouts is involved it is to be called “Sunday Tortureday!”

I figured I’d go yesterday to get my week started off, and because I didn’t go Friday and Saturday. What a stupid decision. The workout was a bitch.

We started by doing 10 x 1 minute rounds of 4 handstand push-ups and double unders. My arms hurt. I didn’t do as well this time as I did last time, but I blame having not worked my arms in that way in a while.

The workout was awwwwful. It was almost as bad as the running. We did 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 wallballs and sit ups.

My knee had been hurting for a day or two, so I didn’t push myself too much on the wallballs, and only did the 50 and 40 rounds with a ball, the rest were just air squats. Looking back, I wish I’d have pushed because I did 90, so what would 60 more have really been?

Ah well. All done! 🙂

Weekend Workouts

Monday is here, and I can barely move. I wish my body hurt because I was out raging with my friends. I wish I was sore from drinking too much. I wish I was sore from dancing in shoes that weren’t meant for dancing. I was I was sore from pretty much anything but my weekend workouts.

BUT, the workouts were worth it.

I missed Friday’s workout because traffic was so backed up, and it was cold and dark by the time I got home, so I decided to do it Saturday. I modified it a little bit. It was a 400 meter run, then 10 grasshopper pushups, and then 10 air squats every 2 minutes. INSTEAD, I did a run the length of the fence and back, and then I did 10 situps, 10 push ups, and 10 air squats. I didn’t keep time, but I did want to just keep going.

There were a few times when I got tired and I was thinking “what the heck am I doing?!”, but I kept going.

The workout wasn’t too hard, and I’m not shocked I finished it, but I’m shocked I forced myself outside and that I took the time to do it. So, again, I’m conquering baby steps.

Sunday’s workout was supposed to be basically nothing but running. Well, the parking lot was packed with cars because the building the gym is in was having a flea market. So for “safety concerns” we did a team workout that involved no running. (I’d have honestly done 60 minutes of burpees as long as I didn’t have to run.)

Instead we broke into teams of 4 and did workouts in 1-minute sets. We did burpees, planks/situps, rowing, and rest. Not too bad. It wasn’t a HARD workout, but it was a good one. I broke a sweat, my heartbeat rose, and I could tell I was getting something from the workout.

As we were done and saying “good job” to each other, one of the guys asked if anyone wanted to do an ab workout. I didn’t want to be the only one to say no, I also didn’t want to leave if there was another workout going on, but the last thing I wanted to do after a workout was to do another one! So, I said yes. (Stupid.)

We did 15 sit ups every minute for 12 minutes. So 15 sit ups doesn’t sound like much. But it sooooo was. I didn’t do the math until afterwards, but that’s 180 sit ups. There were 2 rounds where I was going super slow, so I decided to scale it down and do 10. At the end, I even added an extra minute when everyone was done, and did my last 10. I’m proud of the accountability I put on myself there.

But today, I. AM. DYING. !!! My “abs” or lack-thereof are soooooo sore. I’m completely shocked I didn’t wake up with a 6-pack. Just kidding, I know it doesn’t work that way. But seriously, how cool would it be if it did?!

Oh! So I needed new workout shoes. Mine were running shoes and had a bit of a “heel” in the back that made it difficult for me to stay on the heels of my feet when doing squats. So I went to the mall and I did two things I insisted that I wouldn’t do at once! First, I bought a pair of CrossFit designed shoes. And second, I got them in pink. I’m usually anti-pink, but these were real cute, and they didn’t have any others in my size that I liked. But these are cute.

So here I am, a little over one month into CrossFit and I’m not only seeing results (not just in ways my body has changed, but in what I can do now) but I’m buying CrossFit shoes and I’m holding myself accountable for missing workouts and not doing a full round of a workout, AND I’m doing things outside of the gym. Doing things I never expected myself to do.

Payback for skipping!

I’m struggling today.

I’m not just riding the struggle bus, I’m sitting shot-gun checking names of other people getting on the struggle bus. I’d say I’m in pain pretty much from my ears down. It’s not a good thing. That’s what I get for skipping Wednesday.

I didn’t want to go because there was running involved and I was/am afraid of running and then lifting weights over my head. I guess being this sore is my payback? And I guess running being apart of the workout that I’m going to tonight is just salt in the wound. I’m not thrilled.

Anyways, the workout last night was rough, but I did it! And I feel pretty proud of myself for it too. We started off doing 10 tabata rounds of handstand pushups. I put a 45 lb weight and a thin 15 lb under my headpad, and I managed to get a few!!

After about 4 rounds, my arms were exhausted and I couldn’t lift myself up after lowering myself down, so I added a thicker weight, and continued the last 6 rounds. The workout was hard, but it wasn’t the toughest one. It was 15 deadlifts (at 50% max) and then 15 burpees, on repeat for 10 minutes. First, I had to learn how to deadlift. Since the weight doesn’t go too high, apparently you’re able to lift a lot more. I did 65 lbs for the workout.

I got bruised up from the burpees again, but whatever. My legs are just consistently a giant bruise. Actually, it’s harder to figure out what part of my legs aren’t bruised, as compared to what parts are bruised.

Oh well, I’ll take the bruises if I’m still improving and surprising myself!

What a Way to Start the Week

Whew. Monday’s workout kicked my butt, in a good way. I’m still not crazy sore, which is completely shocking, but I’m just waiting on it to catch up and completely paralyze me soon.

Anyways, we started off doing a stretch called “Good Morning” which basically you put the empty bar across the back of your shoulders and lean forward, barely bending your knees. WHOA! That helped release some of the pain in my hamstrings. They’re still not 100%, but they’re getting there.

Anyways, we got started by doing the weightlifting portion of our workout. 10 minutes of EMOTM of 3 back squats at 77.5% of your max, and then double unders until the minute was over.

I have no max, so we worked it up to a 15 lb. bar with 25 lb. weights on both sides. 65 lbs. wasn’t easy, but I was definitely not having the same kind of trouble that other people were having.

Ok, so I made it through that. Then we went on to the workout. We had too many people, so we broke into two heats, I was in the second. I wish I would have been in the first so I didn’t have to watch people suffer BEFORE doing my workout. Haha.

Anyways, it was 8 minute AMRAP of 10 shoulder to overhead at 50% jerk  max and 10 box jumps. Again, I don’t have a jerk max so I did a 15 lb. bar with 10 lb. weights on each side. 35 lbs. was plenty heavy enough because I feel like I have ZERO upper body strength.

I did 4 rounds and got in 10 shoulder to overheads, and 6 box jumps. Not too shabby, but I feel like I should have gotten more. I stopped to suck wind a few times. And the last 2 rounds, I did the lifts in sets of 5s because I was getting exhausted.

I was a little timid about the box jumps because of the bashes and gashes Friday night, but I acted like I wasn’t worried about them. I think in convincing other people that I wasn’t going to think twice about them, I convinced myself that I wasn’t worried. Whatever, it worked, and I didn’t fall. Thank God, because my legs couldn’t handle another bruise. Speaking of which, I wanted to post a picture of what my legs look like right now, but no picture does them justice, they just look slightly bruised, not nearly as banged up as they really are.

OH! So Sunday I went into the gym to watch some of the members (that couldn’t make it Saturday) take their turn with 14.1. What a neat scene to be around. I definitely want to go in on Saturday and watch EVERYONE participate (and maybe try out the workout myself, depending on what it is). I love competitions and pushing yourself harder than normal, so watching 2 rounds of 2 competitors on  Sunday was just a tease of what was going on the day before. AH! I  really want to try and go this weekend, if we can swing it! 

Plenty of Firsts ..

So tonight I did a lot of things for the first time.

We started off with pull ups. My coach hooked me up with a couple of bands. I started off with a very tight thick band (a green for future reference) and HOLY COW, I did a pull up! It was actually kind of cool and exciting. Since we did a few rounds, after a while I got tired and couldn’t do very many more, so after a while they added a thinner, thick band (red this time, so a step down) and I FLEW back up in the air.

I know I didn’t do these by myself, but I still did pull ups. I still got my head above the bar without jumping, or using a ladder, or anything else crazy. I did a pull up.

SO then comes the workout. We started with handstand push-ups. I can’t do them juuuuust yet, so instead I just held a handstand for 10 seconds at a time. Then 4 squatting box jumps. WHEW. Those were a good workout. I’m a box jumper. I like box jumps. I feel like that’s something that I do well at. I like feeling of the change in my legs. Then we were supposed to do double unders until our minute was up.

I made it through the first few rounds with no issue. I skipped a jumping rope a few times because I was tired, but wanted to be able to do everything else.

Then with 2 rounds left I got to the jumps and I didn’t feel like I went low enough on my first one, so I did 5 squatting box jumps instead of 4. On the last jump I slipped on the box and BASHED my shins into the box. I bashed my left one harder, but the way I landed, I bashed my right shin too. THEN they scraped down the box. LOVELY. It sucked and I was SO embarrassed, but I was NOT going to let those damn squatting box jumps win. I held back a couple of tears (ok, a ton of them) because, like I said, the jumps were NOT going to win. I skipped the jump ropes, but got ready for the handstands.

I did the last round and when I got to the jumps, I got nervous, then I thought, “NO!” I’ve done HUNDREDS of these already in my 4 short weeks, there’s no reason one fall should mess me up, so I pretended I hadn’t fallen a round earlier, and I kicked that last round’s ass. I can’t remember, but I may have even gotten a few jump ropes in that round.

I think I even got a double under at one point. I don’t know how I did it, but I think it happened at one point. I hate to say this, but I think within the next week or two, I’m planning to spend an entire afternoon in the driveway jumping until I figure them out.

So that’s my night of firsts. My first pull-ups. My first attempt at hand stand push-ups. My first squat box jumps. My first double under. And, sadly, my first injury. BUT I am going to go back. I am also going to make sure I do my best at never falling again.

Crrraaaaaaap. I hate that I’m starting to make more goals. That means that I’m going to have to keep going. Craaaaaap.

OH! And good luck to anyone that’s bothering to read this that is participating in the Open workouts this weekend!! I watched the live show last night where they said what the workout was going to be. I wish I had been doing this longer, because I like competitions to keep myself going. But I haven’t even done a snatch yet and somehow I managed to do ONE double under tonight, but there’s no way I could do that for 10 minutes and get very far. Oh well, next year.

Wait. Is that another goal?! Crrrraaaaaappp! WHAT AM I DOING?! Why did I just set a goal for a YEAR away?! This is ridiculous.